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Treatment Options

Providing the Best Care

At Beloit Health System's Cancer Center, our priority is to guide you through your journey with cancer so you are informed about your treatment options. Physicians and support staff understand how frightening a cancer diagnosis may be, and even hearing words like “chemotherapy” or “radiation” can be unsettling. That’s why our staff at Beloit Health System’s Cancer Center approaches cancer with modern, effective treatment methods, and we educate patients and their families about their treatment options as they begin the journey to better health and wellbeing.

How Is Cancer Treated?

Cancer patients get individualized treatment based on their needs from a multidisciplinary team of surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists, and others who work in tandem to support patients. We offer a healing environment for patients who need to undergo chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or cancer surgery. The Cancer Center will offer complete cancer services in one location while offering patient support and convenience.

Medical Oncology

Chemotherapy, or simply “chemo,” is a common, effective way to treat cancer, and modern chemo is more powerful than ever before. It works by administering anti-cancer medication to kill fast-growing cells in the body to keep them from spreading to other locations in the body. It can be administered through different methods, including orally or intravenously.

Our chemo lounge is a newly expanded area with 5 semi-private, 6 private, and 4 group infusion stations for a total of 15 stations where patients can receive their chemotherapy treatments. The new stations are built for comfort. A nourishment center will be available to patients and family members.

Radiation Oncology

Radiation therapy uses ionizing radiation as part of cancer treatment to kill malignant cells. Radiation therapy, in which high doses of radiation are sent to the cancer cells is delivered externally via a machine called a Linear Accelerator. We use a new, state-of-the-art Elekta Infinity Linear Accelerator Delivery System with Image Guided Radiation. There will be technology in patient comfort, also. Patients receiving radiation will have a Patient Centricity Suite to enhance the patient experience. They will be able to select the images in the ceiling display, the type of music playing from the Bose sound system and/or change the lighting scheme in the room. Patients also have the option of bringing in a tablet or phone with their personal images and music.

Radiation causes some cancer cells to die immediately after treatment, but most die because the radiation damages the chromosomes and DNA so that the cells can no longer divide and the tumor can't grow.


At Beloit Health System, you'll find the most technologically advanced levels of cancer surgery. Our specialized surgical staff uses state-of-the-art procedures like Lymphatic mapping and Sentinel node biopsy for quicker recoveries. But just as important as all our high-tech capabilities, is the attention, kindness, and hope every one of our patients will receive. Beloit Health System has three excellent surgeons with experience in these areas of surgery: breast, dermatology, general, gynecology, head and neck, reconstructive, thoracic, and urology.


With our collaboration with UW Carbone Cancer Center, we will have the ability to:

  • Use UW treatment protocols
  • Video Conference
  • Access to clinical trials and the sharing of quality initiatives
  • Access to tertiary and quaternary care