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At Beloit Health System's Cancer Center, we recognize that modern, effective cancer treatment involves not just traditional medicine, but support services that benefit the whole patient. We offer comprehensive cancer therapy at Beloit Health System, including counseling, occupational therapy, physical therapy, palliative care, ostomy, prosthetics, and integrative therapies.

Occupational Therapy & Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is focused on a patient’s overall mobility and quality of life. While occupational therapy is focused on the specific limitations a condition may bring, physical therapy concentrates more on the impairment itself. So, if one of your most immediate concerns for recovery was regaining the ability to type so you can return to work, occupational therapy would be likely be recommended as a complement to physical therapy.

Palliative Care

Palliative medicine helps patients with severe illnesses learn how to cope with their diagnosis and treatment. It is not the same as hospice care, which is exclusively for patients with no available cure. With palliative care, patients may still be seeking curative treatments.

Ostomy & Prosthetics

Ostomy is a surgical procedure sometimes used for bladder and colon cancer patients, in which an opening is made in the skin to allow waste to leave the intestines or bladder. Beloit Health System offers an ostomy support group. Prosthetics, or artificial body parts, are used when cancer treatment requires the removal of a particular body part in order to stop the spread of the disease.

Integrative Therapy

This term describes the use of complementary therapies with traditional medicine. Complementary therapies include alternative diets, acupuncture, massage, yoga, and meditation, among other things. Complimentary massage is offered at the Cancer Center several days a week for both patients and caregivers. At Beloit Health System, we support the use of integrative therapies, in which alternative therapies and standard medical procedures are used in concert for the best possible outcomes. We offer integrative therapies as part of cancer treatment.

Support Groups for Cancer Patients and Families

Cancer is a life-changing diagnosis, and professional counseling can help patients understand and cope with their emotions.

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