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Internal Medicine

All adults should have an internal medicine physician, or “internist.” Internal medicine doctors are also called primary care physicians, and they focus exclusively on adult patients. As experts in medical issues that affect adults, internists are skilled in treating complex conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and many other ailments.

An internist is usually the first doctor a patient will call when they have a medical problem or concern, and patients see this physician for their yearly checkups. Internists are trustworthy medical providers who are cautious but not overbearing in monitoring and managing their patients’ health.

It’s important to find a primary care doctor/internist with whom you feel comfortable. Trust your instincts. Find a doctor with who you can speak openly about your health. When you finally meet with a new internist, take note of whether the doctor seems like a person you would feel comfortable discussing difficult or embarrassing medical issues with.

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