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Hospitalist Care

Many doctors who work in medical surgical wards are considered hospitalists, who solely treat patients in a hospital setting. These licensed physicians provide round-the-clock care to inpatients at the hospital while helping them access other treatments and resources the hospital has to offer. They treat an array of conditions for patients staying in the hospital for a wide variety of illnesses and conditions, and the need for a hospitalist’s oversight emerges from increasingly complex hospital patients cases that need dedicated physicians on-all, rather than clinicians.

What does a Hospitalist do?

The hospitalist collaborates with the patient’s primary care doctor to ensure they receive the evaluation and care they need. Hospitliats lead the hospital edical team and coordinate care for patients as they stay at Beloit Health System. You can rely on your hospitalist to communicate with any necessary specialists about your treatment while you are an inpatient at Beloit Health System. Generally, a hospitalist will update your primary care physician you see outside the hospital and provide an overview of your hospital stay with detailed follow-up instructions.

It is to your benefit to have a hospitalist working with you, as they can communicate your desires and needs to the rest of your medical team while you are at Beloit Health System, so you don’t have to undergo any unnecessary or unwanted procedures. We are happy to have Hospitalists on staff at Beloit Health System to meet this often-undermet patient need.

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