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Sleep Medicine

Rest Easier with the Help of Specialized Sleep Treatments

An occasional sleepless night is a nuisance, but what if you spend almost every day in a groggy haze? Good sleep is essential to your health and wellbeing, and missing out on much-needed rest can take its toll over time. Sleep disorders can impact your life in many ways, affecting not only your health but your energy levels, work performance, social life, and relationships. There are many types of sleep disorders that can be identified and treated.

Surprisingly, many people who have sleep disorders aren’t even aware they have one. Beloit Health System provides educational information, diagnosis, and treatment of many sleep disorders, from obstructive sleep apnea to narcolepsy and everything in-between. Our sleep specialists are dedicated to getting you on your way to better, deeper sleep.

What Is a Sleep Study?

Overnight sleep studies are outpatient procedures (meaning you will not be admitted to the hospital) where you are monitored as your sleep at night. The test is used to evaluate and diagnose sleep disorders and to begin customizing your treatment plan. Sleep studies are safe and noninvasive that provide invaluable information to your physician, and they are a covered benefit under many insurance plans.

During your stay in the sleep lab, electrodes will be glued to your scalp before you prepare to sleep. These record your brain waves, showing when you are awake and sleep, and your breathing is monitored via a sensor taped to the area between your nose and upper lip. Your heart will also be monitored throughout the night, as well as your leg movements. You should not feel restricted or in much discomfort, and if you do, please let your sleep lab technician know.

If your physician recommends a diagnostic study, you will be contacted by the Sleep Solutions staff to schedule an appointment.

If you have further questions about NorthPointe Sleep Solutions or want additional information about sleep disorders, please contact NorthPointe Sleep Solutions staff at 815.525.4810 or 608.364.5481.

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