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Ear, Nose and Throat

Today. Tomorrow. For Life.

Ear, nose, and throat specialists are clinically called otolaryngologists, but more commonly called “ENTs.” These doctors evaluate and treat patients with illnesses, injuries, or disorders that affect the ears, nose, sinus cavities, and related areas of the head and neck. Our team of highly skilled ENTs and clinicians can help you get the relief you need when you need it. That’s because we know the ability to hear, speak, and breathe are essential functions to have a good quality of life. Unlike many other specialist physicians, ENTs can perform surgery without having to refer their patients to another doctor. However, surgical treatment is only medically necessary when other noninvasive treatments have proven unsuccessful.

Beloit Health System’s ENT physicians are among the first in the United States to offer a new product recently approved by the FDA to help keep the sinuses open after sinus surgery. Intersect ENT’s PROPEL® Contour sinus stent, is a dissolvable drug-eluting sinus stent that is placed after sinus surgery in the frontal (behind the forehead) or maxillary (behind the cheeks) sinuses. PROPEL Contour incorporates a unique hourglass design that conforms to the sinus openings, delivering medication and mechanical support where it is needed to optimize surgical outcomes.

Our ENT Services

We offer the following ear, nose, and throat services:

  • Treatment of head and neck tumors
  • Ear tubes
  • Treatment for excessive snoring and sleep apnea (septoplasty)
  • Tonsillectomy
  • Easing breathing difficulty through the nose
  • Tracheal procedures
  • Sinus and nasal surgery
  • Treatment of chronic sinusitis
  • Balloon sinuplasty

Allergy Treatment & Diagnosis

When allergies have you sidelined – there is something you can do. Strike back with effective allergy diagnosis and treatment.

Allergies are caused by your immune system mistaking a normally harmless substance for something dangerous. To protect you, your body produces antibodies that remain on alert to fight the perceived threat. Each time you’re exposed to the substance – your body fights back – releasing antibodies that cause allergy symptoms.

You can help your body deal with your immune system’s misinterpretation, by properly diagnosing and treating allergies. Beloit Health System allergists are specially trained to diagnose and prescribe treatment to help you manage seasonal, food, insects, and other potential allergy triggers.

Contact your Beloit Clinic at 608.364.2400or NorthPointe ENT at 815.525.4500 for more information.