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Employee Assistance Program

What the numbers say… Your employee’s emotional health, as well as their physical health, determine their overall performance. Substance abuse, depression, or anxiety can weigh heavily on their workplace productivity. Many of these issues can jeopardize their jobs, mean additional replacement and training costs to you, and make work a stressful place for everyone.

We would like to offer you solutions to these concerns.

  • According to recent OSHA data, 75% of illicit drug users are employed either full or part-time.
  • About 43% of adults have been exposed to alcoholism in families.
  • Approximately 10% of American adults suffer from a depressive illness, possibly leading to increased work errors, diminished performance or withdrawal from coworkers

What Can an EAP Program Do for Me?

Our EAP program provides confidential, professional assistance to employees and their dependents who need help with personal problems. These problem areas could include emotional, marital and family concerns, stress, personal issues, as well as alcohol and/or drug abuse. As an added benefit, our EAP program helps supervisors/managers/department heads sharpen their own management skills. You can request training to identify and refer those employees whose personal problems may affect work performance.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Services Include:

Diagnostic Workup and Referral

Each employee and dependent is eligible to receive up to three sessions per year (at no charge to the employee), to assess the problem area. The workup will provide short-term problem resolution. If further services are needed, then a referral for outpatient psychotherapy, alcohol and drug treatment, medication evaluation by a psychiatrist, psychological testing, hospitalization or self-help groups will be made. Upon proper signed release of information, the referral source can obtain a copy of the recommendations if this evaluation is mandated for employee’s continued employment.

Program Promotion

Employee orientation takes place to acquaint employees with the EAP program and “personalize” EAP staff. Supervisory/management training is offered to assist staff in recognizing employees who could benefit from counseling. This is done at no extra charge.


Our EAP coordinator will be available to management/supervisory staff, formally or informally, to address concerns. This could include brief discussions over the phone on handling difficult situations, involvement in disciplinary meetings, or team building with a group of employees.

Crisis De-Briefing

A 24-hour phone response line is available to employees and their dependents. For company wide trauma, our team would assist the organization to assist traumatized employees after a critical incident.

Wellness Education Programs

EAP offers both wellness education and management training programs. Up to four free programs are possible within a year. Some examples are: Employee and Management Services, Stress Management, Parenting, Marital Communication, Eating Disorders, Holistic Health, Communication in the Workplace, Time Management, Depression, Team Building, Positive Mental Health, and Substance Abuse

Management Services

  • Probable cause trainings and how to document problems with employees
  • Crisis Management
  • Violence in the workplace
  • How to make a difficult referral
  • How to identify AODA or mental health issues

Dispute Resolution

EAP personnel can intervene as a mediator to assist in resolving disagreements and/or personality conflicts in the workplace.


Tools developed by the EAP can assist in evaluating utilization of services, efficacy of services and perception of value by employees.


Referral of employees to appropriate services does not always mean the employee takes action. Follow up ensures the services are being used. Because EAP assessments are confidential, a release of information is needed to let the supervisor know the appointment was kept. If a more in-depth working relationship is needed between the EAP, employer and employee, this would have to be agreed upon ahead of time and specific releases need to be signed.


We will provide quarterly reports summarizing employee utilization. Reports will not contain personal identifying data, but will categorize clients according to problem area, referral source and case disposition.

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