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Chronic Kidney Disease Diagnosis, Management & Treatment

Beloit Health System's Dialysis area is beautifully remodeled and provides treatment for individuals with end-stage kidney disease. Two treatment modalities are offered, hemodialysis, in which the blood is cleaned by means of an artificial kidney, and peritoneal dialysis, which is done at home and uses the abdominal peritoneum to filter the blood.

The Dialysis Unit is located in a separate wing with a separate entrance. It is surrounded by windows, providing a view of the outdoors and a bright, airy feel. There are 18 stations and state-of-the-art equipment. Each station has its own personal television. The staff are highly skilled in caring for patients with kidney disease. Your care is a team effort. The team consists of the patient, a nephrologist physician, a nephrology nurse, dialysis technician, social worker, and dietitian.

How Does Dialysis Work?

Dialysis does the work your kidneys can no longer do, which includes filtering waste from the body. It does the work of the kidneys by performing the functions they ordinarily would, like regulating and maintaining electrolyte levels, regulating the among of water in the body, and keeping the bones healthy. Most people need 3 sessions of dialysis per week, each session lasting about 4 hours.

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Mindy Brancamp, Director
Beloit Health System Dialysis Center
1969 W Hart Road, Beloit WI 53511
Phone: 608.364.5580
Fax: 608.364.5306
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