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Beloit Health System Announces Expansion of Orthopedic Services

Beloit Health System (BHS) is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Derek Damrow, a fellowship trained upper extremity orthopedic surgeon with expertise in elbow and shoulder pain; expansion of orthopedic services at the Beloit Orthopedic Center and a new partnership with Orthopedic & Spine Centers of Wisconsin.

In August, Dr. Derek Damrow, a fellowship trained Orthopedic Surgeon, will join the Beloit Health System Orthopedic Center team. Dr. Damrow is fellowship trained and specializes in upper extremities, with a focus on elbow and shoulder pain which includes shoulder arthroscopy, shoulder replacement and any elbow pain. He will join Dr. Jamie Frantz (Sports Medicine), Dr. Lee McFadden (Hip and Knee Replacement), Dr. Ajmal Matloob (General Orthopedics), Dr. Dan Sellman (General Orthopedics) and Dr. Ken Klein (occupational, sports and non-surgical orthopedics).

Beloit Health System is excited to announce the expansion of the Beloit Orthopedic Center to include an immediate injury care center for orthopedic care. Beloit Orthopedic Center will be located at the Beloit Health System Occupational Health and Sports Medicine building on Lee Lane in Beloit.

Beloit Health System will be partnering with Orthopedic & Spine Centers of Wisconsin who will provide support to the Beloit Orthopedic Center and bring new orthopedic specialty services to the Beloit Community.

“Beloit Health System’s expansion of Orthopedic services fills a gap in the service area and guarantees all individuals seeking treatment from the community are cared for by the best local providers”, said Dr. Kenneth Klein, Medical Director for the Beloit Orthopedic Center.

Beloit Health System remains committed to providing the best care for our community. Expansion of services like these ensures that all patients in our community and neighborhoods have equal access to the best care.