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Beloit Health System Employees Honored in Virtual Celebration

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BELOIT, IL. — Beloit Health System employees were honored “virtually” for their exemplary service to our patients, family members, and their fellow employees during the annual Employee Recognition Event. This Values Initiative, introduced in 2016, recognizes employees who live the Health System’s Values of Engagement, Quality, Satisfaction, and Integrity.

Employees who have earned pins for all four Values are eligible to win a Disney Vacation toWoman wearing Mickey Shirt beside Mickey Mouse Balloons Orlando, Florida, as well as attend the Disney Institute on customer service excellence. The seminar focuses on the renowned Disney method of providing exemplary customer experiences and will share their knowledge with the organization in continued efforts to provide the very best service. BHS strives to provide the best environment for every patient, family member, co-worker, and physician.

We congratulate our 2021 winner, Claudia Klein MS, LPC, LCPC, Counselor. Claudia has been with BHS for nearly nineteen years and does an outstanding job.

Throughout the year, employees are recognized and are awarded pins based on demonstrated actions of living our Health System’s Values. BHS celebrated the following honorees.

  • Michelle Adams, Beloit Hospital, Cardiac Float Pool
  • Tracy Anderson, Beloit Hospital, Critical Care Unit
  • Robert Bird, Beloit Hospital, Dialysis
  • Nicole Bengtson, Beloit Hospital, Counseling Care Center
  • Brenda Collins, Beloit Hospital, Critical Care Unit
  • Tammy Green, Beloit Hospital, Critical Care Unit
  • Amy Johnson, Beloit Hospital, Counseling Care Center
  • Brandi Lander, Beloit Hospital, Counseling Care Center
  • Hailee Mikkelson, Beloit Hospital, Cardiac Float Pool
  • Megan Weber, Beloit Hospital, Cardiac Float Pool

Four Core Values:

Engagement: To be focused, emotionally invested, and committed to working together as a team to support each other and provide the BEST care to our patients.

Quality: To be committed to delivering care and service in a manner that exceeds team members, patient, and family expectations.

Satisfaction: To do what is necessary to treat our patients and families the way we would want ourselves and families treated to provide a positive, memorable experience.

Integrity: To do the right thing and to do my best.

“I feel so lucky, so blessed. I am super excited to go to Disney. I love learning about personal development, strength-based changes, and the psychology behind this growth, so I am looking forward to learning from experts in the field of leadership development. Helping others and giving back gives me great joy, so doing the "acts" that helped me earn the Value pins felt natural, while the recognition reminded me of how our simple, or grand, acts impact others every day. I look forward to the day that each and every one of my coworkers has their Value stories told and recognized,” commented Claudia Klein, 2021 winner.

About Beloit Health System

Beloit Health System is an independent community health system serving northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. We offer world-class facilities and services to improve the overall health of the communities we serve with cornerstones for quality, engagement, integrity, and patient satisfaction.

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