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Do you always need volunteers?
Yes, we always need qualified and committed adult volunteers for certain positions. Please note, however, that due to volume and compliance, we cannot guarantee acceptance of all applications.
Will I be able to shadow a doctor or have a clinical experience when I volunteer at the hospital?
The Volunteer Services Department does not offer shadowing or clinical experiences. However, after meeting the volunteer hour requirements -Physician Recruitment and Retention will work with you to identify experiences to meet your needs.
If I become a volunteer, will I get a job at the hospital?
Volunteering at Beloit Health System does not guarantee employment.
How long do you keep an application?
Applications are held for three months only. If you do not complete the process within three months, your application will be discarded.
What is the time commitment required for being a Beloit Health System volunteer?
Hours vary slightly based on service area. We ask that you commit to one year of service. For some of our benefits we do require 8 hours a month.
What are the hours?
We have volunteer opportunities with Beloit Health System seven days a week. Morning through evening.
How old must I be?
The minimum age to volunteer is 16 with parent permission.
How do I apply?
A sign-up form is available online and at most front desk locations.
How long does it take to be processed?
To ensure patient safety and the integrity of our volunteer program, the application process may take several weeks. Additionally, adult volunteers may not start without receiving clearance from the state regarding their criminal background form.
Is there a dress code?
Yes, DRESS CODES vary per location and will be discussed during your orientation. In addition, music devices such as iPods may not be used while volunteering.
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