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Our Continued Commitment to the Community in Appealing City of Beloit's Construction Grant to Illinois Orthopedic Provider

Beloit Health System (BHS) continues to be committed to the community through resilience, dedication, and the commitment to fairness in the process for all our neighbors. BHS is appealing the recent decision of the City of Beloit to grant an Architectural Review Certificate and Certificate of Zoning Compliance to OrthoIllinois to construct a medical facility at 2102 Freeman Parkway, and is requesting the City of Beloit ensure that all requirements for building in Beloit follow the current zoning laws and restrictions.

BHS has been committed to protecting the sanctity of transparency and equality for our neighbors and community since the Fall of 2020 regarding OrthoIllinois’ plans to open an Ambulatory Surgery Center.

The reasons why BHS is appealing the Zoning Officer’s recent decision are because the project may require licensing by the State that was not contingent upon the approval and the project is inconsistent with the City’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan for the proposed site’s designated Mixed Residential use.

BHS is committed to protecting the public health and general welfare of our community. BHS is simply seeking clarification, transparency and equality for all future businesses coming to our beautiful city. BHS is held to certain standards when building or expanding. All we ask is everyone be held to the same standards.

Allowing special permission and zoning accommodations for this private developer, is a detriment to the community.

“Our top priority is, has, and will always be to provide the safest, best care for our Community,” stated Tim McKevett, President and CEO.