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Cost of Services

Understanding the Cost of
Birth Center Services

Beloit Health System’s goal is to provide quality, cost effective out-of-hospital birth experience for low-risk pregnant clients and their babies, for antepartum (before delivery) care, childbirth, and postpartum (after delivery) care through Beloit Health System’s NorthPointe Birth Center.

Inherent in our mission are values of respect and compassion for all human beings. With this mission and values as its guiding philosophy, we are committed to putting the needs of our client first, and thus enacting programs designed to meet the financial needs of those clients.

Our birth center is intended to be a lower cost option compared to traditional obstetrical/hospital care. A schedule of usual fees for the care provided through Birth Center will be provided upon request.

Birth Center fees include four components of care:

  • Registration and Assessment fee of $250.00
  • Professional Fees – Care provided by midwife, nurse practitioner etc.
  • Facility Fees – Non-professional services (i.e. birth suite, birth supplies, laboratory testing, vaccinations)
  • Newborn Care - Post delivery care of newborn.

Mom and Baby Care includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Initial history and physical exam
  • Basic prenatal lab work as determined by your provider
  • Prenatal visits and/or group sessions
  • 24-hour telephone counseling and availability
  • Nurse-midwife attendance throughout labor and birth
  • Labor and delivery in the Birth Center facility
  • Postpartum and newborn care in the Center up to 12 hours with a nurse in attendance or on-site
  • Postpartum office visits for client at 24-36 hours after birth, and then at two and six weeks.

The following services, if provided, are not included in the Birth Center fees described

above and will be charged separately either by the Birth Center or another provider:

  • Ultrasound(s)
  • Additional Laboratory test(s) (beyond basic prenatal lab work) as determined by your provider
  • Specialized testing or treatment beyond the customary testing and treatment
  • Birth class and breastfeeding class
  • Drugs and/or medications
  • Emergency transport charges / ambulance fees
  • Obstetrician's and pediatrician's fees
  • Hospital charges
  • Follow up visits for the newborn
  • State mandated screening tests, metabolic screening, CCHD and Hearing screening
  • Circumcision of the newborn
  • Additional visits to the Birth Center for illnesses that are not routine prenatal care


We will file claims with the health plan (third-party payor/insurance) you specify upon enrolling in the program.

Every health plan differs as to what they pay for such services. While do our best during a Financial Interview to provide you with the most accurate benefit information, it will is your responsibility to be knowledgeable of your health plan benefits as they relate to services we provide. We cannot guarantee that your health plan will cover all services provided by the birth center.


The current fee for comprehensive Center care for uninsured clients or self-pay clients of $10,000

is substantially discounted (approximately $35,000 in a hospital setting). An initial $5,000 payment

will be collected at the first appointment. Arrangements for payment schedules of the balance are made on an individual basis and are part of the Financial Interview.

Special Circumstances:

  • In the event of a transfer of care during pregnancy, fees are determined based on the services rendered up to and including the date of transfer.
  • For a planned hospital birth, the midwives charge a professional fee. The hospital will bill you separately for the services the hospital provides to you and your baby.
  • When labor has been managed by the nurse-midwives, a professional and facility fee will be charged for use of Birth Center even if a transfer occurs during labor and birth occurs in the hospital.