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Grief Support

Who is eligible for Beloit Regional Hospice grief support services?

Grief support is offered to the loved ones of our patients after the death, and the same services are also offered to anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one, all at no cost. As you are experiencing loss and grief, whether for the first time or after many losses, whether you were close to the person who died or if it was a strained relationship, resources and information can support you and ease your burden.

What resources does Beloit Regional Hospice offer?

Mailings can be sent to you that share information about the many aspects of grief and how to deal with them. Special occasions and holidays can reawaken grief from losses in the past and we have helpful information for those times as well.

Short-term individual support with our grief program coordinator through telephone calls or appointments at the Beloit Regional Hospice office are available.

Group support is available through participation in our grief support groups which are open to any adult that has suffered a loss through death. Meeting with other people who are experiencing similar circumstances provides encouragement and support. Coping skills and various aspects of grieving are discussed. Groups begin on a regular basis.*

Adult Grief Support Groups

Meeting with people who are experiencing similar circumstances can provide encouragement and support. Coping skills and various aspects of grieving are discussed.

All groups are free of charge. Please call Nicole Morgan, Grief Program Coordinator, at 608.363.7421 for upcoming group dates.

*For those living outside our area, consider that most hospices provide grief support groups that are open to those who didn’t use their service. Funeral homes, hospitals, and places of worship may also have grief support resources and be able to help you locate a support group in your area.

Why should I try Beloit Regional Hospice’s grief support services?

You can help yourself and your loved ones by using the resources available to help you process the idea that whatever you are experiencing is most likely a natural response to loss. Sometimes you may not be able to feel, or do not know how to feel. Helping yourself by accepting those thoughts and feelings assures that you will manage your grief and it will become less intense over time. That is why Beloit Regional Hospice is committed to providing our grief support services to anyone in need at no cost.

Please watch Richard’s video by clicking on the following button for his perspective on grief support at Beloit Regional Hospice.

Richard's Grief Support Story

Mindful Breathing

Taken from Care Notes: Responding to Life’s Challenges That Are Out of Your Control by Diane Pharo, SCN

  • In times of anxiety and uncertainty, pausing to breathe mindfully helps to restore peace and calm. Pause quietly, slowly…
  • Inhale peace…exhale anxiety
  • Inhale courage…exhale fear
  • Inhale gratitude…exhale anger
  • Inhale love…exhale doubt
  • Inhale hope…exhale dread
  • Inhale…exhale
Mindful breathing restores calm and grounds us in emotional and spiritual serenity.
Kids, Teens ‘n’ Grief

Children and teens can experience the same reactions to a death that adults feel, but their grief is often compounded with fears, unanswered questions, and lack of emotional strength, experience and maturity that supports adults.

The Kids, Teens ‘n’ Grief program at Beloit Regional Hospice provides support to children and teens via collaboration with school professionals to provide age-appropriate grief support groups while the students are in school. Groups are held as needed and are offered at no cost to the students or their schools. Contact your child’s school to see if a group is being planned. In addition, individual short-term grief support is offered to youth and their families at the Beloit Regional Hospice office with the grief program coordinator.

Contact Beloit Regional Hospice at 608.363.7421 for information on any of the services listed above. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm. Messages taken by on-call staff after hours will be returned the next business day.